Creating buzz as the artist who makes you think, InnaRae started writing poems at the age of ten... songs, by fifteen. And all of her work exemplifies an appreciation of the human spirit, knowledge of purpose, and love of beauty. With her gift for writing and singing, InnaRae encourages readers and listeners to return "home", transform, and discover that absolutely no circumstance can diminish the life and light that shines within each soul. Her latest project fuses her poetry with a Neo-Soul sound in celebration of an African concept Sankofa, which defines the process of going back to our roots, searching out, and acquiring what would be helpful to move forward in life.

With music producer Hru Yusef Assaan of BlackCree Studios, InnaRae studied the voice of her late grandmother, Irene Johnson to create the 12 - track album, Rena's Moan. Created to enjoy in one sitting, it is an intimate and deep-seated portrayal of what she believes sums up only a portion of her grandmother's experiences. While each song tells a story that strikes a delicate balance between facing her demons and transforming them into something that can be of great value to others, songs Unchurched, Eye Candy, and Taste and See are enjoyed today by listeners who seek truth.

InnaRae has gone on to work with NYC motion picture directors Craig and Rosalyn Williams of Red Wall Productions to produce a short documentary, titled The Journey to Rena's Moan, which compels women who struggle with sexual shame and generational wounds to start the healing journey and allow their authentic gifts shine. This "powerful work" is serving to bring art to healing centers, where art is often overlooked as a viable contributor in the healing process. Screenings are currently underway and can be scheduled upon request.

InnaRae's increasing exposure is also appreciated by an audience of young girls through her program Rena's Chance. This outreach workshop is designed to recognize, promote, and establish a link between inner healing, well being and creative expression among girls ages 12-18. Aiming to fill what gaps may exist from lack of support and nurturing of these gifts, InnaRae also challenges negative thought patterns found in today's mainstream musical/ written/spoken expression and inspires young ladies to identify and share their beauty and authentic voices with the world around them! InnaRae is currently in the studio working on her third recorded work.