At times I feel like the world is closing in on me
I am all alone out in the cold
There is only a silent voice saying "Hold on - be strong"

But the bricks of a house do not always stand together
For as long as people plan
Life does not always expand to its fullest stretch
Such as a rubber band
Life pulls and I tug back
You say no, I say yes

I never asked for it all,
But you couldn't reach out to break my fall
The room is filled with us all
Yet, I stand alone

No one to stand behind me,
You're not beside me
No one calls out every warning
This ice I skate on is thin

But no turning back I am proceeding
No more giving
Only receiving
If I fall through,
It was a break worth taking
A trial well taken
A life lost in the makings

                 ~Keyonda Williams, East Orange, New Jersey


"After asking young girls to point to the only thing that's greater than them, I position myself beneath their wisdom."  ~InnaRae