The Nile Delta

The Nile Delta (Photo from NASA)

Government Name

in ancient times

greek merchants

sailed to Egypt

saw our Nile River branching into two streams before joining the sea enclosing a

piece of land shaped like a triangle

so, true to the colonizing character of our shallow brethren

they called this child of Mother Earth a delta because she resembled the fourth

letter of their alphabet (Δ)

yet of the Spirit of the Ocean and Holy daughters of the River held in the hearts of

our most beloved Ancestors, they knew nothing and had no idea that

deltas form without the imposition of a name

And while they played these games

She took on the meaning of their 4th number and changed


nuanced, carrying sediment all the way to the reach of any body of water

did these merchants know about how her expansion of flow

decreases her flow velocity

diminishing this transported sediment

because it wills to still and build

all the while maintaining

the essence of our Mother Nile?


Her Spirit

let there be no blasphemy in remembering

that of all the deltas in this world… Mississippi, Yellow River, Ganges-Brahmaputra

this annual inundation

this pledge to feminine mechanism and life-giving force

knows the way of ‘embracing’ with love

turn around, face the morning sun emerging from the east, honor the survival

of immaculate, undefiled winds of sisterhood

dancing like a Ninja

through nothing like a red cobra

into everything with subtlety of a white dove

Her sweet breath, Her sharp wit

under wings of a northern cardinal

soundwaves, voices speak of

north African Shores

and just like that,

arrives in human form

may we recall The Nile Delta’s Essence was known by earlier ancient Egyptians as



Her Mind, Her Soul

let there be no guilt in dreaming about

a deep dive into the moist, dark, powerful mind of the Nile Delta

setting the stage for the birth of intelligence, mathematical genius, wisdom

mm-hmm, she whose parents named her Shirley said 44

the honorable 22 or 2+2 equals four sisters of African lineage

saw the handwriting on proverbial walls and read the numbers

on the 13th day of the first month of the 13th or 1+3 equals four years of the

change into the 20th century divided by 5 equals 4

placed right next to Sigma,

the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet added to the 4th equaling 22

add that to the 9th Greek number theta or 9 equals 31, 2+2, 3+1, 1+3, 2+2

Adams, Murphy, Pitts-Campbell,

and was it planned or coincidence when you marched?

that you broke racial chains and moved out from segregated sections of the

women’s suffrage parade

and took your seat on 3/1/13?


Her Body

let there be no shame in embodying the Nile

for she sustains with perch, catfish

protects with soft palm and sycamore trees

and on their way home, your brilliant beauties

still in time

will to drop the idea of serving self

build for all who will follow in her footsteps

though headstones top their bodies

She who dared to break glass ceilings, rip brown paper bags to shreds

live to transport souls from one place to another

Daughters of the Dust

male merchant persuasion can neither compete for the light in your eyes

nor handle the beast resting in shadows of your being

so, keep nurturing

The Unbought

The Unbossed

and when the embrace of your natural mother grows frail

rest your head on the lap of what remains

ya’ll hear them coming….



©Copyright 2022 by InnaRae Guy

Photo Credit – NASA